What is TELP?

Tennessee End-of-Life Partnership (TELP) is a non-profit, statewide organization. Its objective is to continually define and promote best practices in End-of-Life Care. Membership includes health care professionals, educators, policymakers, and representatives of corporation, associations, consumer advocacy groups, and healthcare facilities.

Our Mission

To Continually Define & Promote Best Practices in End of Life Care

TELP’s primary role is to encourage and support local “grass-roots” coalitions in the geographical regions of the state whose purpose is improving End-of-Life care. The voices of these geographical communities are crucial for developing and influencing policies and legislation regarding End-of-Life care.

Public policy debates continue regarding issues that surround caring for the dying. Many Americans are convinced that their deaths or the deaths of their loved ones will be painful, traumatic, degrading and burdensome.

TELP members envision their community networks working toward defining and refining best practices in all aspects of End-of-Life care, motivating improvements, and stimulating creative approaches. State and local coalitions in Tennessee can bolster efforts at building and sustaining a national movement to improve the quality of End-of-Life care.